How can I have German cockroaches? My house is clean!

kitchen - german cockroaches in Polk county FlYou’ve probably heard, as most of us have, that a clean house is a roach free house. While it is true that a clean house will make it more difficult for German cockroaches to thrive; it’s not impossible to overlook some of the things that gives German cockroaches a free meal. In this article we will look at some additional places to look for and tactics that you can use; to help keep German cockroaches from invading your Lakeland, FL area home.

How Clean is Clean?

General and thorough cleaning means that you can mop the floors, clean the counters with disinfectant, clean out the stove, wipe down appliances, wash all the dishes and polish the chrome; but that’s not where German cockroaches live. German cockroaches don’t thrive on your floors and counters, they generally live in places you don’t normally look. German cockroaches hide in the walls, inside appliances, in the dark places toward the back of the cabinets, in the gaps between the cabinet in the wall, inside receptacles; basically, anyplace that is dark and quiet where they can breed and grow.

Keeping your home clean still IS your first and best defense to keep German cockroaches out. However, if you want to make sure that German cockroaches stay out of your Lakeland, FL area home; you need to consider a Pest Control and Management Service.

Stop Ringing the Dinner Bell for German Cockroaches

Having a clean Lakeland, FL home obviously is a way to help keep German cockroaches out; but sometimes you must get a little creative to make sure. Sometimes the hidden areas in your kitchen can be supplying German cockroaches with a free dinner; that you don’t even realize. For example: the grease and food splatter that goes down the side of your stove can be easily missed in general cleaning; literally ringing the dinner bell for German cockroaches. Spills inside your refrigerator that leak out and underneath can easily be missed in general cleaning; literally ringing the dinner bell. Glass cutting boards on the counters that have a small air gap underneath can trap spills and juices, easily missed by general cleaning; again ringing the dinner bell for German cockroaches.

Taking the extra time to clean these hidden areas that are often missed in general cleaning; can help make German cockroaches go looking for another place for dinner.

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Stored Food

Storing dry foods outside of sealed containers is a virtual invite for German cockroaches. Cereal, crackers, teas and chips can produce an aroma that will attract those unwelcome pests. Additionally, even with folded bags and clips there is still an accessible point for them to get in and get a free dinner. It is always best to store all dry foods in sealed containers.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Keeping in mind that a clean home can help keep German cockroaches under control; however, just a little food and water is enough to keep a whole colony going. Dirty dishes in the sink, unsealed food in the pantry and even water in the drains is enough food to keep German cockroaches thriving. It is recommended to not only make sure everything is tidy before bed, but make sure the dog water bowl is dry, sinks are stopped up and all water sources are eliminated to help prevent the nighttime snack runs made by bugs.

Signs that you Have an Infestation Problem

German cockroaches are by nature nocturnal (they only come out at night) so when you see live German cockroaches coming out during the day, you have a bigger problem. German cockroaches generally do not come out during the day unless the colony is large enough that they need to search for food during the day to keep the colony fed. Even if you only see a few during the day, this is still an indication that you’re dealing with a much larger problem. Additionally, you should look for little black dots which are the droppings (waste) and regurgitated food left behind for the newly hatched German cockroaches to feed upon. (Clean these up immediately) If you start seeing this evidence, you should contact VPM Pest Solutions serving Lakeland, FL quickly to keep the problem from getting even greater.

Commercially Available Sprays

There are a number of commercially available bug sprays that you can get from Walmart, Lowe’s and other home-improvement stores. Depending on the type of cockroach that you are dealing with the sprays make work well however, German cockroaches are not easily killed by these commercially available sprays. Sprays like this simply caused them to take a different path and, in some cases, can push them further into the walls making the problem even worse!

Locally Owned and Operated

There are many choices out there for pest control; but many are national chains that can’t offer the same level of service that a locally owned and operated Pest Control Service can. Ever get frustrated waiting on hold for an operator to find a service provider in your area? That won’t happen with VPM Pest Solutions; the owner himself oversees all Pest Management quotes and ensures quality on every call; every time. Call today and see how a locally owned and operated Pest Control service can make the difference!

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